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The Benefits of Compact Smell-Proof Cases for Travelers

The Benefits of Compact Smell-Proof Cases for Travelers

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The Benefits of Compact Smell-Proof Cases for Travelers

Traveling is a source of refreshment from the weekly routine of stress and the business work burden. However, traveling with peace of mind from the tension of having strong smells can be problematic. The Atheraphy TVLPK® Case will give confidence to your movement by containing strong smells and giving better protection. Traveling with Smell-Proof Cases and storing cannabis needs the proper protection and environment that provide privacy from the smell and its by-products. ATheraphy TVLPK® compact aroma-trapping travel cases help to support all therapeutic and medicinal products.

Reasons to Choose Compact Smell-Proof Cases:

Cannabis consumers love the smell of it but there is a time when there is a need to conceal this smell. When you need to transport cannabis and hemp products with you and keep them private with the grab-and-go style advantages of  ATheraphy’s TVLPK® M Cases, one will feel amazing when they start using compact multifunctional smell-proof cases that will protect your products from the elements of travel. There are many reasons to choose a compact smell-proof travel case like the multifunctional TVLPK®.

Discreet  for Travel:

Discreetly transport your smelly products and smoking accessories without worrying about any strong scents with the help of an ATheraphy aroma-trapping case. Even though the aroma of your bud is one of your favorite things about it you may not want to alert everyone of what’s in your case. The aroma of cannabis is as recognizable as that of a fast food restaurant’s French fries. Even if you double-Bag your cannabis in plastic, the aroma will still seep through, so there’s no point. You’re better than that, anyhow with a TVLPK®. These cases are a welcome improvement in the market because they offer, more features of protection than in most cases or bags.

The TVLPK® case is made with an EVA carbon shell, activated charcoal, and an interior that effectively contains the smell of Cannabis giving freedom of movement.

A compact travel case that has modular inserts using mesh pockets and elastic bands for arranging your contents and an easily accessible way to access them. Our compact smell-proof cases help in the secure placement of equipment and paraphernalia. Having products in a specific place protects fragile items, devices, and electronics along with botanicals from damaging each other. In addition to this, they are also water-resistant and shockproof to protect your belongings all together in one case.


If you travel with Opioids and cannabis products and electronics that need to be protected from outsiders’ access then the TVLPK® with its combination lock will give security, with our dual zipper lock system that is easy to use and peace of mind that your contents and products are safe.

You need not worry about anyone removing anything or materials related to your therapeutic products from this compact aroma-trapping, water-resistant shock-proof case.

Professional Choice with Style:

Are you still with an old carry container purchased or gifted by someone from yesterday and you want to carry products with strong smells.? Is yesterday’s smell-proof containers ready for today’s strong aromas of Cannabis and offer ultraviolet rays resistance, water, and shock protection?

If not it’s time to upgrade your choice level by having a compact storage and transport case that have the many features of protection that ATheraphy cases offer. Style is also needed to openly carry in today’s world of legalization with fashion and products in plain site with a TVLPK® case. To feel no shame in having recreational and medicinal items at hand when you need them. Our Medical/Tech style cases The external surface of this case design in a way that makes it look attractive, fashionable, and sexy while protecting the interior from external elements. Its design in a way that you can impress the travel community of consciousness by having it or by gifting this case.

It does not matter whether you want a small case that could hold your items to provide privacy. A compact Small Smell Proof Case that holds multifunctional products including cannabis and other material can be part of the best options.


Traveling is the best source to refresh your spirit and there are no worries with the Travel Pack case at your side.

Traveling with products that have strong odors needs a quality case, and the TVLPK® cases are one of the best to have when you need a quality case supporting your belongings. These cases design to maintain the potency and stability of the stored items packed for traveling.   

The dual locking system of the case prevents access to the items in the case. The water-resistant quality helps in affecting the interior quality of interior products. The attractive layout of the case with multifunctional features makes it the best choice for professional and social lifestyles.

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