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3 Cases to Fit Your LifeStyle

All ATheraphy cases have our unique Trademark Class 10 patented dual closure protection and technology design that provide multifunctional storage and transport. The TVLPK® line of utility cases is versatile for Medical, Electronics, Industrial, Recreational, and Device use, delivering features like ultraviolet diffraction and thermal properties that work to maintain the quality of medications that most other containers do not offer. Our aroma-trapping smell-proof patented technology is second to none for proper storage. The EVA outer shell provides shock and water-resistant with dual Zipper security and a combination locking system protecting the contents and your peace of mind that your items are safe and secure.

Scientifically Researched & Designed


ATheraphy (ā-ther-ә-fē) TVLPK (Travel Pack) is an innovative and scientifically designed Trademark multifunctional utility case that offers medical-grade quality for many uses. The TVLPK® can be suited for medical, recreational, industrial, therapeutic, and various other needs, by offering protection to fragile items with our shock-absorbing construction. The carbon-embedded EVA semi-hard water-resistant outer shell with added thermal materials helps to maintain temporary temperature control, for medications such as insulin during travel using Gel Packs. ATheraphy’s diverse dual aroma trapping technology of Carbon and activated charcoal lining will trap and conceal pungent aromas. Finally, ATheraphy’s combination locking TVLPK® case line incorporates materials to diffuse harmful UV rays that assist in extending the shelf life of medicals and botanicals. Giving the kind of protection that exeeds the features found in other personal care and smell-proof cases or containers on the market for the price.

We’re dedicated to the idea that securing, transporting, and protecting your items is important.



TVLPK Original

The TVLPK “O” case aroma trapping conception is the ideal travel pack for any busy traveler with personal, medical, or recreational needs. This shock and water-resistant design are capable of managing an array of medical and fragile items, electronics, essential tools, and paraphernalia. All your medical and storage needs travel simultaneously and discretely in one compact carrying travel case. The ATheraphy “O” case travel pack has dual closure interior storage areas that further secure sensitive items allowing you to rest easy that your belongings are safe during travel


The ATheraphy TVLPK “C” case provides a large internal volume for all medical needs including electronic devices demanding a larger storage capacity. It will comfortably transport all your situational needs using ATheraphy’s unique patented interior protection aroma trapping liner and dual closure storage. The design delivers an environment that is conducive to maintaining, supporting, and providing longevity to the potency of botanicals and other medications.


The ATheraphy “M” case is the premium case in the TVLPK line. It has all of ATheraphy’s patented dual closure aroma trapping plus thermal design features to make sure your storage, protection, and the ability to keep insulin and medications that require a cold temperature for stability. This dual thermal-lined case will temporarily maintain a cool environment during travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

TVLPK cases incorporate an activated charcoal blend of materials that effectively​ ​contain the aroma of cannabis and most strong odors.

TVLPK cases are made with a semi-hardshell outer layer and layered padding inside. Both will protect fragile items. Also, the interior of the TVLPK has secure pockets that keep fragile items from moving around inside the case from damage.

TVLPK cases accommodate gel packs so the internal environment can be kept at a level that will protect your meds and botanicals.

The TVLPK incorporates a secure, combination lock that will keep your contents secure.