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ATheraphy “TVLPK C” case

ATheraphy “TVLPK C” case

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ATheraphy “TVLPK C” case

$ 70.00
Size 10″ X 7.8″ X 5″


The ATheraphy TVLPK C utility case provides large internal volume storage of protection for all your medical, products, and device needs including electronics demanding a larger storage area.

The “ATheraphy C” travel pack case will transport and deliver all your situational needs even when transporting Smelly odors and Skunky aromas with no problem using ATheraphy’s unique patented smell-proof liner technology. A choice case that also offers water and shock protection to support products by offering a conducive environment to maintain, support, and provide longevity to the potency of the internal contents. Using ATheraphy’s innovative design to control the internal environment by using activated charcoal, ultraviolet materials, Carbon and secure edges along with internal mesh pockets for instrument storage, and bands to keep the stability of items.

The ATheraphy TVLPK® Utility case has ample interior storage areas that further secure sensitive items. Allowing you to rest easy that the stored contents are locked and protected during travels. The TVLPK® is second to none in delivering superior quality storage and protection.

Weight Information:
1.65 lbs. (750g)

Packaging Size
12” x 9.25” x 5.5”


Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages may cause delays for some orders. Please allow for the possibility of an incremental 1-2 weeks when ordering. Thank you for your order and understanding.


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