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ATheraphy TVLPK® (Travel Pack) is an innovative and scientifically designed line of cases that offer Trademark Class 10 protection. Constructed of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and carbon blended for a sustainable shockproof compact travel case, the outer shell protects the contents from the elements.  Lined with ultraviolet light diffraction materials and thermal cold properties that provide stability for substances and medications.  ATheraphy’s diverse dual closure patented technology of embedded activated charcoal will trap and conceal pungent aromas of Botanicals, devices, and by-products. Our medical, therapeutic, Industrial, and recreational cases are equipped with unique interior liners that are scientifically proven to help diffuse harmful UV rays and thermal support for medication that require the cold factor such as Insulin. The interior climate is controlled by using moisture and or gel packs to maintain the desired internal environmental needs, thereby extending the potency and shelf life of the contents.

The TVLPK® case line is the new product on the block for protecting today’s belongings and providing discreet security for tomorrow’s recreational, therapeutic, and medical requirements.

We are committed to the idea that securing, transporting, and protecting your items is crucial.


Scientifically Engineered, Patented Multifunctional Cases

The ATheraphy “Travel Pack” features a scientifically engineered unique design and patented technology. The TVLPK is an innovative, compact Medical aroma trapping transport case that delivers:

  1. Temporary temperature-controlled environment
  2. A virtually airtight environment that protects medications
  3. Physical protection for fragile items and health devices
  4. Water Shock resistance
  5. Thermal properties
  6. Activated charcoal lining 
  7. Secure combination lock
  8. Fashionable, discrete design
  9. Travel-ready, TSA-compliant construction

We determine the quality of our lives based on the quality of our physical and mental health. Nothing is more important than our health. Our lifestyle convenience is unparalleled and unique.

Check Out Our Medical and Botanical Multifunctional Cases

Healthcare Utility Case

Within our assortment of Healthcare Utility Cases, the Cannabis Travel Case stands out as a versatile and secure solution tailored for medical cannabis users. We’ve designed the Cannabis Travel Case with functionality and discretion in mind, ensuring it offers a discreet and odor-proof way to transport medical cannabis. Not only does our Cannabis Travel Case excel at odor containment, but it also guarantees the protection of your valuable supplies during travel, instilling peace of mind for medical cannabis patients.

Concerning medical equipment and supplies, it doubles as a Medical Utility Bag, thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and individuals alike. These bags provide a secure and well-organized approach to transporting medical instruments, equipment, and essentials. Whether you’re a medical practitioner on the go or an individual with specific medical requirements, our Medical Utility Bags supply the functionality and durability necessary to keep your supplies safe and readily accessible. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Tvlpk Cases remains dedicated to delivering Healthcare Utility Cases that reshape convenience and reliability in healthcare transportation.

Premium Cannabis Travel Cases and Best Smell Proof Bags for Weed

Are you searching for the ultimate solution to discreetly transport your cannabis essentials? Your search ends here! TVLPK Cases offers a diverse range of high-quality cannabis travel cases and smell-proof bags designed to cater to all your needs. Whether you’re a medical cannabis patient or a cannabis connoisseur, our products provide unparalleled convenience and discretion.


Cannabis Travel Case

We meticulously design our Cannabis Travel Cases to cater to the unique demands of cannabis enthusiasts. These cases transcend conventional bags, embodying the pinnacle of style, functionality, and security. The term ‘travel’ encompasses not just long journeys but also your daily adventures. Our Cannabis Travel Cases serve as adaptable companions wherever you go.

Key Features:

Smell Proof Technology: Our cases boast advanced odor-blocking technology, guaranteeing that your valuable cargo remains discreet and undetectable.

Secure Locking Mechanism: Ensuring your safety and privacy is our utmost priority. This is why our cases include secure locking systems to safeguard your contents from prying eyes and curious hands.

Durable Construction: Constructed from premium materials, our cases are built to withstand the test of time. They are water-resistant, impact-resistant, and designed to preserve your cannabis accessories.

Customizable Interior: We recognize that every cannabis enthusiast possesses unique requirements. Our cases offer customizable interiors, allowing you to organize your essentials to your liking

Best Smell Proof Bags for Weed

In the realm of cannabis, effective odor control stands as a paramount concern. Our top-notch smell-proof bags for weed are meticulously engineered to excel in this crucial aspect. Whether you find yourself on the move or stashing your goods at home, rest assured that these bags offer the perfect solution.

Key Features:

Advanced Odor Barrier: Our bags employ state-of-the-art technology to actively prevent unwanted odors from escaping. Safeguarding your privacy remains our absolute priority.

Range of Sizes: From compact pouches to capacious duffle-style bags, we provide an extensive selection of sizes tailored to meet your precise requirements.

Fashionable Designs: Who says smell-proof bags can’t be stylish? Our bags are available in a plethora of chic styles and colors, allowing you to choose one that perfectly complements your personality.

Medical Utility Bag

For medical cannabis patients, we understand that safely and discreetly carrying your medication is of paramount importance. Our Medical Utility Bag is designed with your needs in mind.

Key Features:

  • Medical-Grade Compartments: Our utility bag features specialized compartments for your medical cannabis products, ensuring they remain organized and easily accessible.

  • Discreet Appearance: The bag’s design intentionally maintains a low profile, enabling you to carry your medication without drawing unnecessary attention.

  • Comfortable and Durable: With padded straps and a rugged construction, our Medical Utility Bag offers comfort during wear and is built to last.

Smell Proof Cases: A Must-Have for Cannabis Enthusiasts

In the cannabis realm, odor control reigns supreme. Our smell-proof cases are designed to provide discrete, secure, and stylish solutions for cannabis enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Odor Control: Our cases incorporate cutting-edge technology to ensure that no odor escapes, providing you with peace of mind wherever you go.

  • Sleek and Stylish: We firmly believe that functionality should never compromise style. Our smell-proof cases are available in various designs to match your taste.

At TVLPK Cases, we take pride in delivering top-tier solutions for cannabis enthusiasts and medical cannabis patients alike. Explore our selection of Cannabis Travel Cases, Smell Proof Bags for Weed, Medical Utility Bags, and Smell Proof Cases to discover the perfect fit for your needs. With our products, you can confidently and discreetly transport your cannabis essentials wherever life takes you. Shop with us today and experience the difference in cannabis storage and transport.

Sex Toy Case

Discover the ultimate solution for your intimate essentials with our sex toy cases. We have designed our sex toy storage case to meet all your needs, providing discreet and secure storage for your collection. Whether you’re seeking a sleek and stylish case for sex toys or a dependable adult sex toy case, we’ve got you covered. Our sex toy cases prioritize functionality and discretion, ensuring your pleasure products remain protected and ready whenever you are. Don’t compromise on the safety and privacy of your adult toys – choose our sex toy cases today to experience the perfect blend of convenience and security for your most intimate moments.