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Protect Your Meds and Devices with a TVLPK Case :

Protect Your Meds and Devices with a TVLPK Case :

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Protect Your Meds and Devices with a TVLPK Case :

Traveling can be difficult for patients who rely on having their prescribed medicals to manage their health symptoms at hand all of the time until now. Patients must be able to transport their Rx’s including cannabis products safely and legally, whether the trip is short or long. The ATheraphy “TVLPK” case can help alleviate some of these worries and provide peace of mind while traveling.  In this article, we will go over the advantages of using a Medical level class 10 grade Cannabis Travel Pack Cases. For all cases are not created equal when it comes to supporting therapeutics and dispensary products. Various types of ATheraphy cases are available and can support and carry an array of multifunctional needs for you.

Benefits of Medical Class Storage and Transport cases:

Medical prescriptions, cannabis, and dispensary products all require special care in storage and transport. Hemp Travel Pack Cases are helpful for patients who want the security of their medication and damage protection to fragile items. More examples of the advantages are explained below.

Discreet storage:

ATheraphy cases offer the ability to contain the smell and pungent aromas using activated charcoal and modern design technology of blending materials of EVA woven carbon and fabrics such as ultraviolet protection and thermal layers are addressed with science to protect items.

Carrying certain medications for any purpose is illegal in many states and countries. Medical drugs such as opioids and cannabis travel can be a storage nightmare as the smell is the biggest task. Complying with the different laws and locations can be stressful. ATheraphy’s patent technology received a class 10 classification giving use for medical use but not in breaking laws. The Cannabis Travel Pack Cases give help with being a carrying case for medicals. The user must comply with laws and governmental rules and issues while traveling with medical products.

Safe Transportation:

Cannabis and its by-product’s need for smell containment protection are important as they are very difficult to transport from one state to another state or country due to legal issues. So if a user wants to carry dispensary products in regulated locations along with medicines then an ATheraphy TVLPK® secured personal carrying case is a must.

Essential items all in one case:

People that shopped for medical class storage and transport cases picked the TVLPK. The ATheraphy case line was researched for the different types of tools needed for the different situations that may occur. Careful planning was used for the placement of the many possible essential tools that may be required. Such as tubes, med pens sprays, bubblers, pipes, etc. Having everything close by is peace of mind.   

1 Clinical Cannabis items: The most basic thing to remember for a medical travel case are the offer of protection for items that users need. TVLPK to guarantee they keep the laws of the location they’re visiting limitations for the kind of paraphernalia permitted.

2. Measurement following:

It is pivotal for patients to monitor their clinical health dose while voyaging. Consider including a logbook or different instruments to assist patients with following their usage.

3. Utilization instruments: being dependent upon devices, instruments, and insulin requires special care and handling for patients that might require apparatuses like vaporizers, pens, or needles. TVLPK guarantee that patients are able to pack the proper tools for their favored strategy for health needs.

4. Cleaning supplies: Keeping clinical Cannabis items clean is fundamental knowledge the Hemp Travel Pack Cases for travel pack cases only need a damp cloth wipe down to keep them clean.

Knowing that ATheraphy TVLPK® allows users to control cleanliness and control of the interior environment by using moisture and gel packs.

5. Documentation: It’s generally smart for patients to convey documentation that checks their requirement for medications and clinical Cannabis items, for example, Rx papers, Cannabis cards, or a specialist’s note.


After investing in a durable high quality traveling case the customer needs peace of mind about the security and privacy of interior items in the case. The odor-trapping TVLPK case provides class 10 functions with a 100% warranty on thermal and transport performance. Remember It is important to follow all the laws about the material in your luggage accessory while traveling.