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ATheraphy Travel Pack Cases

Medical Utility Case

The ATheraphy Travel Pack Case is designed with modern scientific research and securely engineered for today’s travel needs.

Multifunctional “Travelpack” cases that deliver peace of mind.

Healthcare Utility Case

ATheraphy TVLPK® is an innovative and scientifically designed line of cases that offer transport protection and storage support for medical devices and therapeutics. Our Class 10 Trademark classification offers a diverse variety of different features and functions whether medical, technical, industrial, or recreational. Our cases are made to deliver quality care from the elements using a carbon blend EVA outer shell, with built-in ultraviolet rays and thermal properties that assist in providing a stable interior protecting the potency of products. The TVLPK® case line has interchangeable modular bottoms, mesh pocket enclosures, and elastic bands for stabilizing all paraphernalia. To create a preferred interior environment by using gel and or moisture packs for personal choice and needs.

ATheraphy’s aroma-trapping cases utilize carbon and activated charcoal to trap and conceal pungent smells within its dual closure patented technology.

This modern design of the ATheraphy TVLPK® is like no other on the market. Most smell-proof storage and transport containers do not have all of the quality features of  TVLPK® in one container.  The multifunctional uses of our cases can be used in unlimited ways and give protection to items. Cases that are fashionable and designed for discreet mobility and convenient compact travel.

smell proof cases
smell proof cases
smell proof cases

About Our Smell Proof Cases


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Pack up everything you need for your next holiday or adventure with our wide range of affordable ATheraphy TVLPK cases.

Our Pharma Utility Cases are meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. These cases offer a secure and organized way to transport medications, samples, and delicate pharmaceutical equipment. Temperature control and contamination prevention are of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical field. Designed to exceed industry standards, our cases provide peace of mind to pharmaceutical professionals who prioritize the safe and secure transportation of their valuable cargo.

Medical Utility Cases for Your Essential Needs

Welcome to TVLPK Cases, your trusted source for premium medical utility cases. We specialize in crafting versatile and secure cases designed to meet the unique demands of various industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and medical marijuana travel. 

Pharma Utility Case: Security and Confidentiality

Our Pharma Utility Case stands as a pinnacle of engineering, meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a secure and meticulously organized way to transport sensitive pharmaceutical materials and equipment. With its robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms, our Pharma Utility Case ensures the absolute security, integrity, and confidentiality of your pharmaceutical supplies.

Premium Medical Utility Case

At TVLPK Cases, we understand the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and individuals alike. Our Medical Utility Case is a versatile solution designed to provide security and organization for medical instruments, equipment, and essentials. Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner on the move or someone with specific medical requirements, our Medical Utility Case offers the functionality and durability you can rely on.

Marijuana Travel Case

For medical marijuana patients, our Marijuana Travel Case proves to be the ultimate travel companion. We’ve taken special care to meticulously design a discreet and odor-proof solution expressly for the secure transportation of medical marijuana. Safeguarding your privacy and the security of your invaluable supplies remains our utmost priority. Rest assured, with our Marijuana Travel Case, you can embark on your journeys with unwavering confidence, knowing that your medical marijuana is securely and discreetly stored.

With TVLPK Cases, you can effortlessly explore our expansive assortment of Healthcare Utility Cases, each meticulously tailored to offer the ideal solution for your essential needs. Experience the distinctive difference in healthcare transportation with our top-tier products. Your satisfaction and peace of mind stand as our unwavering commitment.

Medical Equipment Case:

Medical equipment is often delicate and requires meticulous care during transport. Our Medical Equipment Case is intentionally crafted to safeguard your valuable medical devices and instruments. It incorporates customizable interiors and utilizes advanced shock absorption technology, all aimed at ensuring that your medical equipment arrives at its intended destination in pristine condition.

Medical Marijuana Travel Case

When it comes to medical marijuana travel, security and discretion take center stage. Our Medical Marijuana Travel Case seamlessly integrates all the essential features required for a secure and discreet journey. It not only incorporates cutting-edge odor-proof technology but also boasts rugged construction and customizable interiors, all thoughtfully designed to cater to your specific requirements.

Why Choose TVLPK Cases

At TVLPK Cases, we prioritize delivering Healthcare Utility Cases that redefine convenience and reliability. Our products embody a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation, ensuring that you receive the finest solutions to fulfill your essential needs.

Explore Our Comprehensive Range

Discover an extensive selection of Pharma Utility Cases, Medical Utility Cases, Marijuana Travel Cases, Medical Equipment Cases, and Medical Marijuana Travel Cases. With TVLPK Cases as your partner, you can confidently and conveniently transport your vital supplies, resting assured that they are secure and well-protected.